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Wellness Magick: Nourishing the Elemental Forces Within

This month I want to present some practical magick for Elemental Healing.
Elements, though they may differ based on cultural context, are an integral part of so-called “alternative medicine” modalities including Ayurveda in India, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Humorism in Ancient Greece and Rome.


Care of the Physical Body
Food Consumption (you are what you eat!)
Adequate Sleep

Focus on enhancing Earth in your body when you are feeling ungrounded, spacey, anxious, or insecure. You can think of Earth as the counterbalance to excess Air Energy and its negative manifestations.

For an Earthy way to work out, go on a nature walk. For a bonus Earth boost, locate and harvest a small amount of an abundant local plant – in Austin some examples would be Juniper (commonly known as Cedar) or Rosemary.

A tree root grounding guided meditation is a perfect way to invoke Earth Energies.

Herb Magick Blessings Bag
Select a green, beige, brown, or black pouch made of cloth, linen, muslin, or leather. Collect an assortment of 4-6 dry herbs which have properties of luck, bounty, blessings, and abundance. I would choose basil, patchouli, rosemary, lavender, orange peels, and heather flowers. Don’t hesitate to do some research on this part. You may substitute one or two of the dry herbs for a few drops of a corresponding essential oil. You will also want a small bowl or mortar & pestle. Once you’ve collected the ingredients, take them to a quiet place outside where you won’t be disturbed. Break up the herbs or grind with the mortar & pestle while meditating on your intention. Fill your bag with the herb blend and hold it in your hands. Focus on drawing energy directly from the Earth and channeling it through your hands into the bag. Once it feels complete, take it home and keep it on your altar, hang it over your door, or place it in another prominent place you wish to draw blessings. 

In order to best care for the physical body and nourish the Earth within, avoid eating processed or fried foods, especially low-quality seed oils and artificial ingredients.

Consume wholesome, nourishing foods that can be naturally grown – not manufactured or produced. Increase consumption of leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables, and choose high-quality animal products such as wild-caught salmon, free-range eggs, or goat cheese. Opt for olive or coconut oils as an alternative to refined vegetable oils like canola, soybean, and sunflower.

Spend time in nature by sitting with your bare feet and hands flat on the Earth. Allow any excess energy to flow from you and be neutralized by the weight of the ground beneath you.

Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep at night. Unfortunately, staying up half the night and sleeping through the morning does not offer an equivalent amount of rest, so if you have the choice, try to go to bed before 10 or 12 at the latest. Also, be sure to get extra rest during PMS and menstruation if that applies to you. Regular sleep during night time hours is an essential part of healing the physical body.


Care for Emotional & Mental Health
Hydration of the Body
Physical & Energetic Hygiene

If you are feeling irritable, angry, frustrated, combative, or argumentative, then Water Energy can be very soothing. Water is the counterbalance to excess or negative manifestations of Fire Energy.

To exercise the body in conjunction with Water, go for a cooling swim.

A guided waterfall cleansing meditation is a great way to visualize Water Energies washing away any negativity.

Ritual Purification Bath
This is an excellent form of personal energy cleansing. I recommend using sea salt or pink Himalayan salt as a body scrub for both clearing negativity and exfoliating the skin. Do not apply salt scrubs to the face or other delicate areas, as it is too abrasive. Find more suggestions here and here.

Consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and added sugars can all be excessively dehydrating to the body. It is best to avoid these when you can, or opt for a smaller amount with less frequency. Choose light beer over wine or liquor, green tea or maté over coffee, and herbal tea or sparkling water over juice and sodas. You can also do your best to avoid stress-inducing people or situations when possible.

Drink plenty of clean, purified water that is free of chlorine and fluoride. Studies show that as much as 1 percent dehydration can adversely affect mood, attention, memory, and coordination. A guideline for daily water consumption is to consume half of your weight in ounces. So a 200lb person can aim to drink 100 ounces (approximately 12 cups or 6 pints or 3 quarts) of water a day. I like to drink from a 24 oz mason jar, so that would be 4 jars a day for a 200lb person.

Prioritize relaxation as often as you can. What is relaxing can look different for everyone, but it’s important to find something that works for you in order to nourish Water within the body and care for emotional health.

Good hygiene is of the utmost importance for holistic wellness.  Wash your hands often and bathe or shower every other day. Remember to brush your teeth at least once, and up to three times daily. You may also practice Ayurvedic tongue scraping for optimum oral hygiene. 


Care of Spiritual Energy
Developing Passions & Creative Hobbies
Finding Joi de Vivre or Joy of Living

If you are feeling stuck, heavy, depressed, or lethargic, it may be a good time to stoke the Fire within. You can think of the Fire element as a counterbalance to any excess and negative manifestations of Earth Energy.

Kundalini Yoga features a type of breathing exercise called “Breath of Fire” which focuses on the Solar Plexus chakra which is ruled by the Fire element.

Visualizing a cleansing Fire burning away negativity in your energy body is a great way to nourish this element and feel revitalized.

Candle Magick for Passion & Creativity
Choose a red, orange, yellow, or white candle. Blend a candle dressing oil by using a carrier of sunflower oil with 1 or more of the following essential oils: sweet orange, cinnamon, black pepper, or clove.  Be sure to use an appropriate dilution as spicier oils can cause inflammation on sensitive skin. You may want to complete some additional preparations, such as carving a custom sigil into the candle or writing a petition to place under the candle. It’s up to you! Dress the candle with the diluted oil blend while meditating on your intention. Draw energy using an active method such as dancing or chanting and then charge the candle with your intention before burning.

Take care not to use or consume anything that may have a sedative or depressant effect, such as alcohol, certain herbs, or heavy carb-rich foods. You may also avoid sleeping too much or too late. Try not to engage in activities you find boring or soul-crushing.

Enjoy sunbathing for 20 minutes a day between the hours of 11a-2p. Sunlight is essential for Vitamin D production in the body and should be absorbed by as much exposed skin as possible for a short period of time. Take care not to get sunburned, especially if you are prone or have very pale skin.

Pursue personal passions and hobbies. Anything that sparks creative energy is excellent for nourishing your inner Fire. You can also have safe consensual sex as a primal creative action.

Prayer can be one of the most powerful and simple ways to enhance your spiritual connection and energy. You can speak to the highest, most divine power that you believe in or to a spirit, a saint, a tree, or even your higher self. I believe it was Crowley who said, “Inflame thyself with prayer.” 


Care of the Thoughts & Mindfulness
Intellectual Pursuits
Breathing Clean Air

If you are feeling overwhelmed, teary, sad, confused, or unable to focus, Air Energy may help with clarification. You can think of a warm breeze floating in to dry any excess or negative manifestations of Water Energy.

Deep, mindful breathing exercises called Pranayama are an excellent way to incorporate healing Air Energies.

If possible, sit outside on a windy day and feel the breeze move through your hair and over your skin. Focus on how it feels, gently blowing away any troubles. As an alternative, follow a guided meditation such as this Sensual Exploration of the Air Element.

Energetic Space Cleansing

Using smoke or sweeping to clear your space are both great ways to work with the Air element. Start by opening all the windows and doors if you can. Use a broom or special besom to sweep the floor with the intention of not just cleaning debris and dust, but sweeping away any negativity as well. Begin at the back of the house and move systematically sweeping towards the front before sweeping all of the undesirable energy out the front door and finishing it off by sweeping the porch area. If you are using smoke to cleanse (either incense or herb bundle), then likewise begin at the back and move to the front, but use your hand or a feather to fan the smoke through all the areas of the house, paying special attention to windows and doorways. For elemental bonus points: if you went on an Earth-nourishing nature walk recently and happened to harvest some Juniper, then that would be a perfect plant to bundle and dry for use as a cleansing smoke wand. It’s used traditionally in Scottish purification practices called ‘saining.’

If you smoke anything, opt for other intake methods such as teas, edibles, extracts, or patches. Indulge in smoke only on special occasions or weekends. You may also avoid using social media excessively in order to clear your mind.

Having good media boundaries means being mindful of what kind of books, movies, advertisements, messages, and other influences you are absorbing in your communication environments.

A cluttered space can contribute to a chaotic mind, so organizing your home, desk, and other living spaces can be beneficial for gaining clarity of thought.

Learning new things and being exposed to new ideas is important for maintaining mental flexibility. Prioritize reading about subjects that stretch your imagination or capacity for belief.

Jessica Beauvoir | June 19th, 2020

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